• Decertified Bat

    Effective immediately, the bats described below have been decertified by USA Baseball and are no longer approved for play in leagues that have adopted the USABat Standard, including but not limited to the Ame... More
  • Updated 5/6 T-Ball Rules

    ***** NOTE ***** Updated 5/6 T-Ball Rules
  • How do I use the SiPlay App?

    I have gotten a few questions about the app.  Once the teams are loaded it will be fully functional, but here is a link to a short tutorial about the app: SiPlay Video  
  • 2018 Updated Bat Rules

    Cal Ripken/Babe Ruth have implemented new bats rules for the upcoming season. If you decide to purchase a bat, it must have the USA stamp. For further information please refer to: https://www.baberuthleague.... More
  • What Size Bat do I need?

    We get a lot of questions about what size bat is necessary for my player. When selecting a youth bat, make sure they're comfortable with the size of the bat they're swinging. Personal preference plays a key p... More
  • LBYB Concussion Protocol

    Coaches, Parents, and Players we have implemented a new concussion protocol for the league. You can visit the CDC website for additional information. It is especially imp... More