Coaches' Corner

Updated Monday March 19, 2018 by Babe Ruth Import.

Coaches and/or assistants need to have background checks completed & ID Badge issued before walking on the field at anytime during practice or in games.

Badges must be worn and visible at all times.

If you have not turned in a background check form yet & need to do so, go to the Document Section of our website & download the "Volunteer Disclosure Statement.":

  1. Print the form.
  2. Fill it out completely & honestly.
  3. Have it notarized.
  4. Seal it in an envelope, write your name & phone number on the outside of the envelope.
  5. Turn in to the league president & have your picture taken.

Cal Ripken coaching certification is not required but recommended for all coaches:

If you have any questions contact your board member.

Link to iScore for Baseball:

Short Form with Concussion Facts for Coaches
Volunteer Disclosure Statement (Background Check)
Fact Sheet for Coaches on Concussions